Gregg Smrz
Give ‘ em Hell Malone

Malone (Thomas Jane) is a private eye with a reputation for being tough so tough that he can’t be killed. Sent to retrieve a briefcase from a seedy hotel, bullets fly as he walks into a trap. Pursued by the citys most notorious crime boss and his henchmen Boulder (Ving Rhames), Matchstick (Doug Hutchison) and the beautiful, yet deadly Mauler (Chris Yen), Malone battles to protect the cases mysterious contents and a bombshell client who may be more trouble than shes worth.

Stunt Coordinator / Director, Russell Mulcahy / Cinematographer; Jonathon Hall / 1st AD; Juan Mas / 2nd AD; Adam Boyd / UPM; Mischa Jakupcak / Production Coordinator; Melody Deatheridge / Producers; Richard Salvatore, Johnny Martin, Brian Oliver, Rich Cowan, Erik Anderson, / Executive Producers; Martin Barab, Patricia Eberle, Oscar Generale.

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