Gregg Smrz grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia racing motorcycles, while at the same time pursuing a career as a stuntman along with his brothers Brett and Brian.  Winning multiple championships as an amateur, Gregg turned pro and competed in the AMA Formula One series riding a Yamaha TZ750.  The highlight of Gregg’s Formula One career, was when he won the 1983 AMA National held at the Pocono International Raceway and finished third overall in the championship that season.  Gregg is noted as being the last person to win a national race on the Yamaha TZ750.  Gregg also competed along with his teammates in the 1985 and 1986 AMACCS Endurance series racing for Dr. John’s Team Moto Guzzi and winning the championship in both years.  The team also won the Paul Revere 250 night endurance race, held in conjunction with the Daytona Firecracker 400 Nascar race.
Retiring from racing, Gregg moved to Hollywood CA to pursue his career as a stuntman full time.  Gregg’s first job in Hollywood was doubling the lead on a motorcycle in the movie Quiet Cool.  Soon after filming ended, Gregg’s brother Brett was fatally injured while performing a high fall stunt from a building.  It was after this tragic accident, that Gregg and his brother Brian began designing and building new innovative equipment that would push the boundaries while improving safety.  They first utilized this new equipment in the film Batman, directed by Tim Burton.  Perfecting the gear and his craft over the next year, Gregg went on to be the Stunt Rigging Coordinator on the film Waterworld.  During the course of filming, Gregg took a piece of sailing equipment and modified it into what is now referred to in the rigging world as the rope clutch.  A necessary tool carried in every stunt riggers equipment package today.
Over the next few years, Gregg began stunt coordinating on such films as Men In Black, Face Off, Mission Impossible 2, Windtalkers, and Paycheck.  Working alongside John Woo, Gregg absorbed as much knowledge as he could from this action icon.  In 2009, Gregg teamed up with Tom Cruise on the film Knight and Day, and with the success of this film, Tom requested Gregg to stunt coordinate Mission Impossible 4.  It was on this film that Gregg took stunt rigging literally to new heights, filming the spectacular Burj Khalif building sequence in Dubai.  Gregg began his 2nd unit directing career on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  After the successful completion of this film, Gregg once again teamed up with Tom Cruise where he was asked to design a motorcycle chase sequence and to be the 2nd unit director for the film Mission Impossible 5.  During the prep of the film, Gregg designed a completely new way of manipulating a motorcycle with an actor in a safe manner at high speeds, as well as designed a new innovative telescoping camera arm and shooting platform in which to film it.  When not working, Gregg enjoys riding his motorcycle on cross country rides, competition pistol shooting, and spending time with his family.