Gregg Smrz
Dead Man on Campus

Josh is the studious type, Cooper’s the nothing-succeeds-like-excess guy–a lifestyle that rubs off on Josh and soon has both in danger of flunking out. But there’s a catch: a clause in the schools charter awards A’s to students who suffer the trauma of a roommate’s suicide. So Josh and Cooper set out to find a suicidal roomie who is, uh, Most Likely To Succeed.

Stunt Coordinator / Paramount Pictures / Director; Alan Cohn / Cinematographer; John Thomas / 1st AD; Linda Montanti / 2nd AD; Otie Brown / UPM; Bill Bannerman / Producers; Gale Anne Hurd, David Gale, Van Toffler, Maggie Malina / Production Coordinator; Suzanne Lore.

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